The Curious Third Eyelid

So often we look at our pets, and they seem like little people in dog and cat costumes. We can be reminded that this is not true when we notice that dogs and cats actually have body parts that people are missing. Besides tails, another structure absent in people is the third eyelid. Dogs and [...]

The Real Scary Alien Invaders Aren’t Flying in UFO’s: The Bufo

The recent sighting of large numbers of bufo toads in parts of Tampa reminds us that some of the scariest alien invaders are not little green men, but rather large grayish-brown toads. These invaders are significantly affecting our natural Florida wildlife, and be a real danger to our pets as well. Bufo toads, also known [...]

Speaking Dog or Cat

Language is not just the words we speak and write. Communication also involves expressions, gestures and voice tones. For humans, some of the understanding of this communicationis hard-wired from birth; babies understand smiles and frowns as soon as they can focus their eyes. Even though they may not know the words, they can tell happy [...]

Too Much of a Good Thing: AutoImmune Disease and Vaccines in Our Pets

Product after product for both pets and people claim to help stimulate the immune system for better health. A healthy immune system is very important; many infections and diseases can be prevented, or made better, by a healthy and active immune system . More is not always better though, for other diseases occur when the [...]

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