Pet Name- Flash, Coconut & Fluffyzoom.

Bio- Dr. Rumore, the owner of Lake Seminole Animal Hospital, graduated from the veterinary school at Virginia Tech after finishing his undergraduate degree at the University of Virginia. He started his veterinary career in rural Maryland and Pennsylvania working on dogs, cats, cattle, horses and other farm animals. He realized that the winters and the hooves were not for him and moved to Florida to focus on dog and cat medicine in 1998. His special interests include chronic medical diseases such as kidney disease, diabetes, and arthritis, as well as internal medicine, pain control, surgery, pet-behavior, and acupuncture.

An active member of our community, he was the President of the Pinellas County Veterinary Medical Association in 2005, and a board member and past president of Pinellas Animal Foundation, a non-profit humane education organization. Dr. Rumore was awarded the Florida Veterinary Medical Association’s Gold Star Award for service 5 times for his work in the community. He also received Veterinarian of the Year in 2001 from the SPCA of Tampa Bay, where he previously served on the medical advisory board and taught classes on pet first aid. Dr. Rumore helped found the non-profit Nell’s Fund that works to rehabilitate sick and injured animals.

Dr. Rumore has appeared on local television and radio stations, such as News Channel 13, Studio 10, as well as WQYK, WRBQ, WSJT and other stations, giving his expert opinion on current pet topics as well as pet advice. He has a regular column in Tampa Bay area newspapers. His pet-family includes his deaf white boxer named Coconut (from Florida Boxer Rescue), Flash (from Florida Collie Rescue), and Fluffyzoom the cat, adopted from Pinellas County Animal Service. He and his wife have 2 daughters, Gianna and Mia, who have two pet rats named Didgeridoo and Ratatouille.

If you could live anywhere to be closer to particular wildlife, where would you live?

When I was in vet school, I spent part of a summer at a free-ranging wildlife ranch in Texas working on antelope, giraffes, rhinos, cheetahs, ibex, wildebeest, addax, kudu, etc. I also enjoyed working with dairy cattle – though that’s not really “wildlife.” I think having a farm would be relaxing.