Pet Name- Tiger and Blue

Bio- Dr. O’Connor graduated with distinction from the University of Edinburgh in 2011. After leaving Scotland, Dr. O’Connor moved to Costa Rica where she volunteered at a humane society in San Jose and provided spay/neuter services in rural communities. She then moved to São Paulo, Brazil to work with a small animal orthopedic specialist and gain experience in treating exotic and wildlife species.

In 2012, Dr. O’Connor moved to Delhi, India to teach medicine and surgery to the local doctors at the largest animal shelter in Asia. There she managed the shelter’s Intensive Care Unit and set up SNIP, a spay/neuter initiative program directed at sterilizing and vaccinating street dogs against rabies. After 6 months in India, Dr. O’Connor worked with the US Navy in a civil-military humanitarian mission providing veterinary services to the South Pacific islands.

Dr. O’Connor has worked in veterinary hospitals in Pinellas County since 2013. In her free time, Dr. O’Connor enjoys running and hiking with husband, Steve, and their two dogs, Tiger and Blue. Dr. O’Connor also enjoys treating and rehabilitating wildlife — particularly squirrels! She is available for consults in English, Portuguese and Spanish.