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Q & A- My SharPei's Eyes are bad!

Question: How can you tell if your SharPei is having problems with her/his eyes? What are the signs of entropion eyes? Could you recommend a specialist (eyes) vet in my area?

Answer: Both Tampa Bay Veterinary Specialists and Florida Veterinary Specialists have board certified veterinary ophthalmologists on staff. However- most private practitioners can deal with the common Sharpei eye problems such as entropion. If it is beyond their ability- they can refer you to a specialist. Entropion occurs when the lid rolls toward the eye, so hair and skin rub against the eye and cause irritation. If you look closely, you can see this rolling of the lids; you will not be able to see the normal black lid margin. Dog's with entropion usually get a large amount of ocular discharge, and may hold there eyes partially closed as if they are painful. Long term, the corneas (the clear front "window" of the eye) may darken or even turn black.

The treatment for entropion is a surgical procedure to roll the eyes lids back into normal place. A majority of SharPeis seem to need this surgery, although other breeds can get this condition as well. I always think it is unfortunately ironic to spend money on a wrinkly-faced dog, then have to spend more to surgically remove some of the wrinkles

Other things causing problems in SharPei eye include "dry eye," eye infections, mange around the eye, and dozens of other problems. My general recommendation is to get all ocular problems checked out as soon as possible, as some can become very bad, very quickly.
Good luck, and let me know what happens.
Dr. Michael Rumore