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Physical ExaminationA physical examination should be performed to assure the best health of your pet. Adults under 7 years need an examination at least once per year. Elderly pets (over 7 years) are examined twice each year. Comprehensive examinations evaluate your pet’s ears, eyes, heart, lungs, genitourinary, musculoskeletal, digestive and other body systems essential for maintaining optimum health. This gives us an opportunity to provide recommendations for maintaining good health and preventing future illness. As a pet ages, subtle changes in your pet's health may occur, sometimes without obvious symptoms being present to the pet owner. We believe in making recommendations according to breed, lifestyle and life stage development.

Do you own a Boxer or a Yorkie (Yorkshire Terrier)? Please visit the pages below for breed-specific wellness recommendations for your pet.

Boxer Breed-Specific Wellness Recommendations

Yorkie Breed-Specific Wellness Recommendations

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