Devoted to More Wags and Purrs.

Our Philosophy

To help pets have the longest, healthiest and happiest lives.
To be pet advocates and good citizens in our community.

We strive to earn the loyalty and trust of our clients through our competence, compassion and dedication to serve. We will treat all of our patients with caring and gentleness. Our clients will be treated with respect regardless of their personal, emotional, or financial decisions.

We will advocate preventative medicine through education and awareness and assure a pet’s quality of life because of our recommendations. We will contribute to the nurturing relationship between a companion pet and its owner through skilled medical, surgical and behavioral care. We will honor our professional standards and medical opinions and not compromise our integrity.

We will foster good-will amongst our colleagues and other professional specialists and strive to possess leading medical knowledge and proficiency. We serve our community as good citizens by assisting our local animal agencies in special programs and volunteer opportunities for public education.

We provide an ethical and enjoyable career for our staff, as well as a sense of belonging and importance for their part in our team. We believe that living out certain principles such as friendship and honesty helps us consistently meet our promises, creating a workplace for which we are proud. Together we will celebrate all that we do to accomplish our mission and be accountable to one another for our values and vision.